Welcome To Sonny's Fashion Boutique

This Is Me.   

I am usually behind the camera, not in front. I've always felt like the 'ugly duckling'. Never big on hair, makeup or appearance. A cute, affordable outfit, carmex and a good lash strip works for me.

The day my daughter took this photo of me I was questioning my existence, asking God, what am I doing here? What are my steps to be great? What is my purpose? A state of confusion brought me through working retail part time evenings and attending school evenings of real estate, bartender, accounting, fashion design and a nail technician. I needed to find myself. I needed Peace and understanding. In the past, I had designed things for myself and family to wear, received compliments so my decision was obvious, opening a store. That was an epic failure! When you don't have the right people and positive mind set, nothing works.

I battled with self-worth for many years afterwards and this particular day of the photo, I was in a negative head space. Almost losing everything (mind included), I was tired, strong but tired. I asked myself, what am I doing wrong? Why am I going in circles? Clueless. No direction. I walked malls window shopping, therapy ( on a budget) shopping and soul searched for months. I promised myself moving forward I would move differently. HA! Whatever that meant.                         

Time after time I asked 'HIM' to write me a prescription so I can fill it and be what he has designed me to be while asking myself, what would make ME happy?

GROWTH and at Peace, here I am 15 challenged years later in my journey, I'm back to where I feel most complete, with affordable and cute clothes.               

FASHION! I love that "F" word! 

Still not ready to be in front of the camera, haven't gotten that far yet but I'm a work in progress and ready. Ready to receive. Reaching beyond my potential. 

Thank you all for shopping with us!